Why Use Swan Pay To Accept Online Payments?

There are plenty of online payment processors these days. What sets Swan apart is our system's ability to not only give you the convenience of accepting credit and debit cards, but how the entire invoicing and property management system gives you the simplest and most intuitive billing available specifically designed for rental Real Estate.

Swan automatically invoices your tenant with accurate billing according to the lease terms created in our lease utility. Is your tenant late on payment? Swan automatically updates your invoice to reflect any late charges and notifies them of such changes. Does your lease start on the 12th day of the month and is due on the 7th of each following month? No problem. The Swan billing system is designed from the ground up to accurately calculate all payments as set forth in any lease.

The bottom line with using Swan to accept your payment processing needs is that you never have to do a thing, except watch rent payments automatically deliver to your bank account.

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Go paperless with Swan. Accept applications, payments via debit and credit cards, and draft leases all with Swan's exclusive system. Sign up today and add your local Swan participating agent.