About Swan

Paperless Property Management

You’ve visited our main site, poked around its features, but to truly understand Swan you need a behind the scenes look. John and Enoch, cofounders of Swan, were once upon a time, landlord and tenant. John lived in rural Western Massachusetts and Enoch in lively Los Angeles. Coordinating time zones for service calls & payment arrangements threw them curveballs and demanded a solution. "We’re cheapskates. Neither of us wanted to raise rent to accommodate a middling property manager." They scoured the web for a free remedy, yet none were found. It was at this point the brainchild known as Swan Properties was born.

John and Enoch, two guys who had never met in person, or even spoken over the phone, set forth on an adventure. "What began as a project to make our own lives easier grew exponentially into the world class platform you are visiting today." A journey far from over! A journey to make every facet of renting as easy as a few clicks.

As the original, and principal, users of this system, they get it. "We get that listening to the experience of our users is what builds the best platform. We get that Swan alternatives left people confused on what it costs to go paperless with their rental. And we get that our business is only as good as the trust we earn every single day." Their values are rooted in integrity as they continue to grow, backed by an unwavering commitment to serving their customers. "The aim is to make things simple yet powerful and to own our space as renting’s easy button." The Swan team looks forward to years to come as they learn from all of thier platform community how to make the experience simpler, easier and just plain better.

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